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Listen to your people!

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Most of the world is locked down at the same time. This is definitely one of the most unique time that citizens of the world feel vulnerable and powerless.

We have lots of questions for today and predictions and plans for tomorrow. Having done lots of predictions for tomorrow, we keep on saying whatever comes next, things won’t be the same as before pandemic days. Whatever comes next, we are responsible to maintain the day. If we miss today’s lesson, for the final we have to study more to recover. While making our post pandemic recovery plan we should consider today and tomorrow needs a transition. 

Trust built by small moments. The world’s companies are managed by humans and create value for humans - it doesn’t matter if you are B2C or B2B - you have a chance to maintain human interaction and communication even now. And the ones who go through the proper channels will create a good memory for their people for the future. It is time for companies to revisit their purpose, values and promises if needed change their execution plan for today’s conditions. 

Voice of customer has never been so important. Today’s condition of being locked down brings new emotions, new pains and new habits. Personas are changing. One of the biggest steps of migration to digital channels is done in a couple of weeks, it is worth mentioning that this is a good lesson for traditional companies’ digital migration plans’ which have been done and executed for years. As we move to being ever more digital and remote, customer communication is important as ever.

We should not let fear stop us and we should continue with the voice of customer programs. Whether you listen or not, reality won’t change but you can change the result. Negative feedback is very valuable. How companies deal with issues now, will impact on the level of trust they create moving forward. This is the time for renewal of customer journeys with new habits and new feelings. Positive feedback, appreciating your outstanding work is the reward for you and your employees. Do not forget to celebrate.


Voice of employee has never been so important. “Company culture is the product of a company’s values, expectations and environment” said Courtney Chapman. If you trust in the culture you create; trust your employees, be transparent and respect them, this will empower your employees in their daily engagement. Your employees are the ones who do their best to deliver company values towards customers. Empower your people more and listen to them. This period has seen the fastest change in the way we work. Remote working has been faced for the first time in most of the companies and needs communication and guidance. Communication does not mean video conferences and emails about work. Listen to your employees challenges more often and try to help them overcome these challenges. This is going to increase their engagement. According to Gartner Global Employee Engagement Index, higher levels of employee engagement has led to 26% increased performance and 28% improved alignment. 

Your people come first, your people are your employees and your customers. Listen to them and reassure them that everybody is in the same boat during the pandemic.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

You can communicate with me any time for voice of customer and voice of employee programs.


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